New Arrivals 2007

White-faced Scops Owls & chicks
White-faced Scops Owls with chicks

As well as the Bali Starling chick shown here many other birds bred this year. The White-faced Scops Owls had two extremely cute chicks this year (left), and we were delighted that two Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot chicks were successfully reared by their parents - see the photo of one of them below.

Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot
Just look at the beak on that!

Others bred include Spreo Starlings, Violaceous Touracos, Argus Pheasants, Pygmy Goats, (seen below) plus Roseate Cockatoos, Choughs, Speckled Mousebirds, Humboldt’s Penguins, Swainson's and Rainbow Lorikeets, Black-cheeked Lovebirds, Black-headed Caiques, Red-crested Touracos, Von der Decken's Hornbills, Rouloul Partridges, Crowned Cranes, Avocets and several duck species.

The female Spreo Starling feeds one of her chicks a tasty treat.
Spreo Starling & chick
A young Touraco
Left, one of the young Violaceous Touracos bred at the Park in 2007.
One of the playful goat kids born on the Fun Farm, on the right.
Pygmy kid
Argus Pheasant & chick
Argus Pheasant with her chick (left).


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